Other Publications

As a Freelance Writer, I have researched and reported on various topics for a variety of outlets.


Balancing You Write– Freelance Copywriter and Social Media Manager

Dancing on the Winds of Heaven– The Power of Natural Healing Therapies

For Our Furry Friends – All About Animals and Their Care

The Healing Channel – Exploring Spa Health and Our Natural Well Being


Dave’s Travel Corner – Autumn Delight- Verde Canyon Hot Springs

Lake Powell at sunset

Lake Powell at sunset

Ezine Article – Is Coral Castle a Link to the Ancient Pyramids?

Four Corners Geo Tourism Map Guide- Trash Trackers Clean up Lake Powell

Travel Thru History – Tours and Lore of the American Southwest


The Life of a Spa Travel Writer

Amazing Healing Properties of Chia Seeds

Building A Home From Papercrete

Join the Green Smoothie Revolution!

Labyrinth Walks Around the World

Lighting The Way

Taos, NM Balloon Rally

Orbs at the Taos, NM Balloon Rally

Review of Toothsoap

Orbs Among Us

Tours and Lore of the Southwest

 RVing in New Mexico

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