Travel Writer who believes “The West is the Best!”

Always a restless soul, I’ve traveled quite a bit and along the way, managed to gather over 20 years experience working with resorts, inns and motels in the Southwest.

It all started 30 years ago when I was specializing in alternative medicine and holistic health for many local communities.  What started as a personal journey for my own recovery turned into a passion to teach others how to overcome diseases naturally.  Since 1989, I’ve studied and offered Jin Shin Jyutsu (form of acupressure) to the public and 5 years with Hospice.  This wonderful healing modality continues to be an integral part of my life in staying healthy.

Furthermore, after graduating with a BA in Communication Arts from Regis University in Denver, CO, I decided to take my healing arts background and transition into a career of professional business writing services.  So far, I’ve published over a 150 articles for a variety of online and offline magazines, newspapers and blogs on spa health, holistic health, social media, outdoor adventure, spirituality and travel.

This blog covers the American Southwest and all the many nuances from culture to canyons, adventure, history and everything in between.  Connecting with nature reveals treasures and mystery that gives our lives meaning.  Lived in three of these mystical states, Arizona,( grew up in Tucson) Colorado, New Mexico and toured Utah.   The American Southwest has so much room to spare and therefore creates space around and within us as we expand our consciousness while having a great time!

Jim Morrison of The Doors once sang, “The West is the Best….get here and we’ll do the rest.”