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I have been traveling around Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah for most of my adult life.  I am feeling compelled to share the beauty of the American Southwest.  There are glorious colors to behold, Higher vibrations to feel, and a soul recognition that emerges by tapping into the sacredness of this country.    

You will not be disappointed!

Welcome to the Wigwam Series and discover a sense of place, drama and of course, adventure!

I am so happy and honored that you’ve decided to embark on this unique journey of self exploration that only comes about through traveling. Especially in the four corners area of the American southwest. There is a gentle yet ferocious sacredness that exists in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. Native Americans are well aware of it and have managed to hold onto much of this section of the United States.

If we take time to respect and appreciate our sacredness as well as the sacredness of the land then magic happens. Ideas and answers emerge by listening to the wind, listening to the silence and listening to your heart.  

The Wigwam Series  unlocks a new set of territories you can explore every month. I have divided areas off that could be day trips or you can stay overnight if you wish.  Dining and lodging is suggested for each section.  These excursions will stay live for a month. So, if the timing isn’t right, maybe the next month will work better. Each new month is geared around the best season so you can enjoy the area better.

Can you feel the enchantment, mystery and magic yet?

Secrets to the Anasazi Culture

Every time I visit these ancient sites in Arizona and New Mexico, I come away with a sense of awe and wonder how on earth the Ancestral Puebloans even made it in this very dry area. But, like today, climate created changes and they moved on.

Discover 5 Exclusive Attractions on New Mexico’s Turquoise Trail.

A free tour guide to one of my favorite destinations. Enjoy the Turquoise Trail aka Highway 14, from Galisteo to Tijeras Pueblo Archelogical Site. Lots of variety and surprises here! link to free guide

Ramsey Canyon-Arizona- You Don’t Want to Miss the Migration of Hummingbirds.

Ramsey Canyon has a secret. More than 500 species of birds call this area home. Best time to go is April thru June for this migration

Let's Embrace Our Brave New World

Learning about our past while living in the present is the only way to navigate into our future.

 Relinquish your attachment  to the known and step into the unknown. You will need tools to survive  and thrive in this new world.  Once you have a new perception and perspective on life, you open up to a whole range of possibilities and this is what keeps the mystery, the wonder, the excitement and the adventure alive. 

Just getting out in nature and away from the TV or computer heightens all your senses.  Let’s  get your brain cells and body moving again. Being a participant in life makes your life more joyous, worthwhile and keeps you in the flow.

Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah corners

Our Happy Clients!

As far as a favorite day with you, It is hard to pick just one. I’ve had so many wonderful experiences with you. Amazing time viewing the bat caves at Orient Land Mine, the recycling event in Santa Fe, the concert on Fir mountain, and many more. I’ve had more laughs and fun with you than with anyone else!


T. Gilmore

Alamosa Queen

The Denver Butterfly Pavilion was such an amazing experience! Being in the same room with all those beautiful butterflies!  Let’s do something  again real soon.



Travels with you have been the best a man could ever imagine.  I will always cherish our RV travels, managing The Cottages in Silver City and our wonderful, in depth spiritual conversations about life.


Aaron Borrego

Chef Extrodinaire

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

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