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2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello,

    I wanted to touch base with you, as we both had websites critiqued by Paula Pant. Congratulations!

    Your website is especially interesting to me as I call Colorado home (although I do not live there now) and because of all the wine explosion in the Four Corners area. I may call on your expertise when I Tramp into your area!

    I really do appreciate blogs like yours that are not trying to cover the whole world. They are interesting, but unless you are Rick Steves, (who, again, specializes in one region, albiet it a big one –Europe) what can I actually learn?

    My own blog is going to cover out-of-the-way, what I call “under the radar” wine appellations that will be tourist destinations in a few years. You, lucky gal, are sitting right in the middle of some great ones.

    I do plan to cover some international destinations, but not the Champagne or Burgundy areas of France; too well known. Instead, I want to introduce the world to the refreshing wines coming out of western and northern England or remote regions in Croatia. And, the wineries in Alaska.

    So, good for you for promoting your backyard. If we can be of help to each other through postings, let’s do so.

    Kate Byrne
    Wine Tramp

    1. Hi Kate,
      Thanks for letting me know we have been critiqued and thanks for your great message about the four corners area. The southwest is just so cool and I will be dropping you a line soon on your blog too.

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