Spirits, Spooks and Spelunking- Central AZ

Do you believe in ghosts or enjoy exploring off-the beaten paths?  Check out the town of Jerome for otherworldly phenomena.  The sacredness of  Sedona has special country for you to just meditate or relax.  Lastly, the Lava Cave not far from Flagstaff is an easy walk into a unique setting. 


 Ghosts, Beauty & Caves

So much to explore in Central Arizona!

You don't want to miss this excursion.

These territories are within a days drive of each other but you will probably want to stay the whole day and more in each destination. Fascination and fun is waiting for you!


If you go in the winter- Do you ever wonder where the butterflies go when summer is over? 

Choose Your Next Adventure!

Jerome State Historic Park This a town that refuses to die and is so  small that its  best to park and walk.   On October 16, 1965, Jerome State Historic Park was dedicated and opened to the public as the fifth State Park. The opening coincided with Jerome’s annual “Spook Night” celebration, and the festivities lasted all day and into the night. When the Park opened, the admission fee was 25¢ for each adult.  Jerome is built on a hill, everything is up or down,  so bring your best walking shoes.

Red Rocks Park in SedonaSedona is an Arizona desert town that’s surrounded by red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls and pine forests. Daily guided hikes for birding, archaeology and just the most colorful scenery for camping, meditation, etc.  So many trails, so little time!

Lava Tubes/Lava River Cave– Lava River Cave is a lava tube in northern Arizona’s Coconino National Forest. At approximately 0.75-mile long, it is the longest cave of its kind known in Arizona. Great hike for the entire family.  

When you go:


There are just a few ways to get to Jerome, depending where you are coming from. Jerome is located between Prescott and Sedona, and within very close driving distance to Clarkdale and Cottonwood, Arizona

Jerome to Sedona- 25 miles. Sedona to Flagstaff-33 miles.



Jerome Grand Hotel- Jerome’s only full service hotel !! The Inn Above Oak Creek- Sedona, Little America Hotel- Flagstaff


Dining- Haunted Hamburger in Jerome, Golden Goose Grill in Sedona, Salsa Brava in Flagstaff

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