Meet Gypsy Rose

Glad to meet you!

A spell has been cast over this sacred landscape

My Mission

I help travel curious individuals  who love to explore history, art, culture in new and undiscovered places in our exquisite southwestern United States. 

About Me

Grew up in Tucson, AZ.  At a young age fell in love with the mountains that surrounded Tucson.
As an adult, I’ve moved more times than I care to admit.
Managed to gather over 20 years of
experience working with resorts and inns throughout the Southwest. This is why I started this website. To share with you some of the most amazing country, sacred culture and history.
I hope you dive into the different states of my exploration.
woman kayaker on lake


Anything outdoors- Kayaking, Hiking, Camping, Swimming, Hot-springs, Gardening, Biking, Cross-country Skiing as well as Jazzercise, Yoga, Photography, Visiting Art Galleries, Fine Wine, Reading Mysteries or Self-help books.

Educational Pursuits

My Favorite Quote

Jim Morrison of The Doors, “The West is the Best….get here and we’ll do the rest.”

Feature Publications

Want help creating a new adventure for your family and friends?

Time to get back out there!

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