Dive Into the Blue- Jewel in the Desert

Dive! Jump! Swim! 

Into the Blue Hole – Jewel of the Desert in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

Dive into the Blue-Jewel of the Desert
Sapphire Blue Hole

Dive or jump or swim into the coolest, bluest water in the United States. This amazing “hole in the desert” attracts visitors from across the country and beyond to enjoy its crystal-clear, sapphire-blue waters.

The sapphire-blue waters are a mystical and magical jewel in the southwestern desert.  It is the result of a geological phenomenon called the Santa Rosa sink.  Blue Hole is one of the seven sisters lakes, all connected underground. For untold generations, Nomadic tribes found respite in Blue Hole’s sapphire waters, as did cowboys and early settlers. Nowadays, it is travelers following Route 66, that are drawn to its incomparable beauty.

Just the beauty alone might entice you to take a plunge into these nippy 62 degrees  waters.  The water temperature never changes, no matter the season. Blue Hole is an experience unlike any other and one you will remember.

And you won’t be alone!  Scuba divers from all the world come to explore and photograph Blue Hole.  The Blue Hole bell-shape expands to 130’ feet at the bottom, with a passage leading to three larger chambers.

Considered Best Inland Scuba Training Water in the United States

These 3 under water chambers are considered unique high-altitude diving and is one of the many reasons Blue Hole is perfect for training. The crystal clear water provides 100% visibility due to the fact that the water completely renews itself every six hours and the temperature never varies from its nippy 62 degrees.

There is also wall diving, two underwater decompression platforms at 20’ and 25’, a surface boat simulator and plenty of fish to enhance the training experience.

The Blue Hole attracts a wide variety of divers, including professionals, search and rescue, military personnel, municipal groups and other that
certify for: Open Water, Advanced Open Water Rescue, Dive Master, Diving Instructor

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]blue hole in Santa Rosa

Amazing Facts:

* The Blue Hole is 80′ wide and 80’deep that is bell shaped, expanding to 130′ wide at the bottom.
 * The water is a constant 62 degrees year round and completely renews itself every 6 hours.
*  Visibility is up to 100′
*  With an elevation of 4,620′, Blue Hole is the world’s only “nearly mile high” blue hole
*  As blue as the Great Blue Hole of Belize
* #1 inland scuba diving destination in the U.S.
*  America’s only blue hole in the desert
*  One of the world’s top ten blue hole dive destinations
*  Onsite dive center, training rooms and warm room
*  Established as a fish hatchery in 1931 and still home to a wide variety of fish
*  Open 365 days of the year

World Famous Natural Phenomenon is Open Year Round!

Blue Hole Hours: 10AM -7PM daily/Park entry fee: $5.00 Changing rooms, restrooms, viewing area and free internet!


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