Wigwam Series

I am so happy and honored that you’ve decided to embark on this unique journey of self exploration that only comes about through traveling.  Especially in the four corners area of the American southwest. There is a sacredness that exists in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.  Native Americans are well aware of it and have managed to hold onto much of this section of the United States.   If we take time to respect and appreciate our sacredness as well as the land then magic happens.  Ideas and answers emerge by listening to the wind, birds and other nature elements.   These answers and ideas will prove invaluable as we learn to navigate into this new world.

Choose Your Adventure:

Every month I will release a new set of southwest adventures that you can check out.  These excursions will stay live for a month. So, if the timing isn’t right, maybe the next month will work better.  Each month offered is geared around the seasons. 

native american man sitting holding a drum

Taos is Art!

Taos Is Art! This adventure starts in Taos, New Mexico.  Did you know there are over forty different kinds museums and galleries in this small community?  Magnificent Museums in Taos   Choose Your Adventure! Harwood Museum of Art– Founded in 1923 by the Harwood Foundation, it is the second oldest art museum in New Mexico.

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