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RVing in Southwestern New Mexico-Part 3

One of the great things about RVing is that you might be able to pay for your stay in the RV parks and support your RV lifestyle.

Sometimes, the forest service are looking for help as a host or as an attendant. You just never know.  If you love a certain area and don’t mind staying put for a few months then this could be an option for you. Rving in Southwestern New Mexico offers a lot more variety of campsites and area activities that you will enjoy.

Workampers are Adventurous Individuals

Workampers resume
Workampers resume

Single people, couples, and families have chosen this wonderful lifestyle that combines ANY kind of part-time or full-time work with RV camping. If you work as an employee, operate a business, or donate your time as a volunteer, AND you sleep in an R(or on-site housing), you are a Workamper!

Southwest RV Parks and Campgrounds for the RVing enthusiast! 


Cedar Cove RV Park – Surrounded by mountains and nestled among the native desert landscape of cedar, pinion, and pine trees
.City of Rocks State Park, Rving in Southwestern New Mexico
City of the Rocks State Park


City of Rocks State Park – Located about halfway between Silver City and Deming, City of Rocks State Park offers campsites, hiking trails, excellent mountain biking, wildlife viewing, birding, stargazing, picnic areas, and a desert botanical garden. The uniquely designed, new Visitor Center includes a large display area and modern restrooms with hot showers.

Therefore, if you are in the area, once a month, on cool summer evenings, the telescopes come out and you can enjoy the magic of Orion’s Belt, Milky Way, Little, and the Big Dipper, plus many others, as well as planets such as Mars, Venus or the moon.

Also, not to be missed close by is Faywood Hotsprings which is primitive but fairly developed and worth checking out!


Gila National Forest – Dipping Vat Campground -This is a fantastic place to get away from it all! Located adjacent to the west side of Snow Lake. Snow Lake is approximately 52 miles southeast of Reserve,
Rusty’s RV Ranch

Located in the Chiricahua & Peloncillo Mountain area of Arizona and New Mexico, If you love Birding you know this is an internationally known area including the famous CaveCreek Canyon for bird watching.


Silver City KOA – This year they have been recognized by KOA Inc. for “outstanding camper guest service, facility, and operation! Located on the east side of Silver City, Joe and Kris Greenwood are gracious hosts. They serve a home-cooked breakfast every Saturday, Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Pizza for the Road

If you prefer preparing your own meals then you have to try this easy and tasty recipe that I call Pizza For The Road.

1) Buy prepared crusts such as Boboli or any prepared pizza crust will do.

2)  Instead of spreading tomato sauce as the first layer, use Brianna’s honey mustard salad dressing. I’ve tried other honey mustard’s, but this brand has the best flavor.

3) then throw on feta or mozzarella cheese for the first layer.

4) Add slices of green pepper, roasted chicken strips, onion, and mushroom.

5) Top with more cheese. Cook for the recommended time. Yummy!

More Great Recipes for the Road

Check out Cooking Aboard Your RV by Janet Groene.

And last but not least, to find more hot springs in the southwestern part of New Mexico, check out Matt C. Bischoff’s, “Touring New Mexico Hot Springs.”

Come vacation in New Mexico. There are things to do!

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