5 Surprising Reasons to Visit City of Rocks State Park and Faywood Hot Springs

Every month the City of Rocks State Park offers a public night showing for the passing tourist or local from Silver City. Viewing starts around sunset, so be sure to bring a light jacket, flashlight and chair.
Therefore, if you enjoy looking up at the night sky to find the Big Dipper or Little Dipper, you will enjoy this evening event.

City of Rocks in Southwestern New Mexico

The City of Rocks State Park was established in May, 1952, and encompasses a one-square mile area in the scenic Chihuahuan desert in southwest New Mexico.  At an elevation of 5,200 feet, the tree yucca, broomweed, and black grama grass dominate the plains.  This truly geological monument is formed by large sculptured rock columns, or pinnacles. The rock columns rise as high as 40 feet and separated by paths or lanes resembling city streets.  The rocks forming the City of Rocks, such as the Kneeling Nun Tuff, were produced by a very large volcanic eruption that occurred 34.9 million years ago.  Then erosion over millions of years slowly formed the sculptured columns seen today. More than 60,000 people visit the City of Rocks park each year during all 4 seasons. Therefore, this park has plenty of parking for RV’s and tent camping.

Faywood Hot Springs

Faywood Hot Springs lies just south of the City of Rocks State Park, but unlike the City of Rocks, it is on private property. This Hot Springs Resort also offers spectacular night time shows while soaking in their many public or private outdoor mineral water pools.

In the 1850’s, the springs were known as Ojo Toro, or Bull Spring, because wild bulls grazed at this site.  Stagecoach lines stopped at the springs during the 1800’s. Since stagecoaches are no longer the mode of transportation, trails for horseback riding and hiking are plentiful at Faywood.  Amenities include tent and RV hookups, picnic areas, modern showers as well as being open year round. Winters are mild, with rocks and evergreen trees to provide shade to cool visitors in the hot summer.

City of Rocks


The City of Rocks, in the extreme southeastern corner of Grant County, 32 miles south of US180, and 4 miles east on NM61.

Faywood Hot Springs is on Highway 61, halfway between Silver City and Deming, next to the City of Rocks State Park, 2 miles from the intersection of Hwys. 180 and 61.


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