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A painting of people gathered around the water

Curanderas- Women Who Heal

Curanderas, women who heal, have existed since time immemorial. Even in our modern era, their presence remains potent and indispensable. These chosen individuals believe in a divine calling, affirming their worthiness through dedication to God. Recognized as saints by the Catholic Church, curanderas command great respect.  They have been granted by God’s grace, to intercede […]

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native american man sitting holding a drum

Taos is Art!

Taos Is Art! This adventure starts in Taos, New Mexico.  Did you know there are over forty different kinds museums and galleries in this small community?  Magnificent Museums in Taos   Choose Your Adventure! Harwood Museum of Art– Founded in 1923 by the Harwood Foundation, it is the second oldest art museum in New Mexico.

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A river with trees in the background and mountains.

Soaking in Northern Arizona’s Verde Canyon’s Hot Mineral Springs

If you are seeking an adventure, then this Northern Arizona outdoor activity will not disappoint. However, to soak in Arizona’s Verde Canyon Hot Mineral Springs,  you will need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to get there safely. Who can resist sliding into a basin full of clean, warm water, delightfully titillating your legs and arms? My

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